There is room for 7+5 children in two rooms (altogether 12). We are extending with a new room for 7 and a gym in 2014. We are waiting for children aged 1-5.

Personal conditions:

In the nursery works a nursery teacher, assistants with a maturity exam, together with the director, who has a BA as well as a degree in family daycare maintenance. Once a week Eszter Babos- who learnt nursery teaching and sociopedagogy at Benedek Elek College- works with the children. She majored in puppeteering under Éva Józsa. She has 4 sons and has performed all over the country with her company. Once a week the actress, Linda Bisztricsány holds the „Musical Bubble” dramapedagogical lesson.

Technical conditions:

In the family daycare we look after the children in a warm and loving environment during their stay away from family. In the nursery there are 2 group rooms (32, 25 m2), a bathroom with small-scale basins and toilets, a kitchen and an entrance. We provide bed and bedlinen.

Going out for fresh air takes place on the opposite new playground.In the fenced area of the playground the children can run around, play in the sand, slide, play ball games and ride a motorbike safely.


There are 2 groups led by the nursery teacher.

On Monday morning Eszter Babos arrives with her group and integrates children into their puppet show. It has three parts:

first we get to know the tala

-  it is followed by handicraft based on the tala

-  then they can play in the adventure park as many times as they wish.

After the Dramapedagogy lesson we visit the Madárhegyi Salt Cave, where the immune system is enhanced with the help of the Parajd salt.

In the nursery we have several creative and playful courses. On Tuesdays we do Handicraft according to the season. Children are introduced to various techniques (plasticine, drawing, painting, beads).

On the „Littlebird Twittery English” lessons (twice a week on Wednesday and Thursday mornings) children can learn English in a playful way using music, dance and role playing games. Beginning with 2014 they are switching to everyday lessons.

On Friday mornings, at the „Berry Gymnastics”, the conductor of Pető Institute works with the children on balance and movement coordination, sense of rhythm, orienteering, posture and foot improvement.

The ditties accompanied by rhytmic movements and singing arouse even the small ones’ interest. Their improvement is carried out by pleasure-driven music listening, with the combination of music, movement and play. With the „Musical Bubble” we take children into the world of tales. The drama lesson combined with folk and contemporary ditties, world music and a lot of singing is held from 9:15 every Wednesday by Linda Bisztricsány actress. This course enhances the imagination, speech, sense of rhythm, listening and attention.

It is also possible twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday from 5 pm) to have an extra English lesson with the native-like nursery teacher.

The conductor of Pető Institute also holds extra skill and ability building gymnastics on Wednesday from 4pm and 5pm, and on Friday from 5pm.

We are able to organise 3-hour birthday parties at the weekend, taking individual needs into account.